Thursday, 3 December 2009

RESISTANCE: Development.

These posters I posted awhile ago as inspiration for the competition brief, I have decided my idea is going to be based around the personality and mannerism of these posters as what I am trying to capture is based more on individuality and emotion.
The brief set by Dontpanic seemed to be an easy one, until I read it twice!
What they are asking for is to:
"capture the theme of the Resistance to the politics of existence"
But with a small 'p'. When I read it, I thought it is interesting subject. Depending on how you interpret what they are asking for will determine the result.

So basically they are asking me to capture the issues against/opposing firstly what is existence?? We are hear to survive, to life, eat and reproduce. Obviously it goes a lot deeper than that, but what are we against? The out of bed and mad as hell poster works really with my idea, every person on this earth gets out of bed...but mad at what? Your boyfriend/girlfriend, work, money...what? Because the poster has no direct link to 'me', 'I', or 'you' it is not exclusive. Everyone can relate to it on any level.

But what can I say...?
The target audience is young creative people like myself. The language I want to use needs to be what I, or my peers would say. It is about what I feel that can engage with the wider world. Whether its a question, fact or argument it needs to get people to respond and feel what I feel.

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